Customer Testimonial from Tim Norton

Hello,You have my vehicle info under my 
Fathers name Charles Norton, however I used 
to live in Mansfield and have since moved 
to Natick which is a lot farther away from
Raynham than Mansfield was.  Since the move 
I have still maintained my vehicle at your 
location and I wanted to share my gratitude 
and appreciation for the speedy and efficient 
service I have received.  Since being in 
Natick there is another dealership MetroWestSubaru 
right near my home however to make an appointment 
with them requires scheduling nearly 2 weeks 
out.  To me that is unacceptable.  I still 
make the trip down to Raynham to service 
my vehicle and just wanted to share my support 
for your organization and when it does come 
time to purchase a new subaru which may 
be very soon I will whole heartedly choose 
your location for its convenience and exceptional 
service to its customers even though it 
may be a little farther away.